Ok Kim is Seoul-based artist specialized the traditional Korean Ottchil a natural lacquer material and technique found in east Asian countries-with a contemporary twist.

She studied Wood Craft and Furniture design at Pusan National University and Hongik Graduate School in South Korea. During her master course she studied Ottchil from a master craftsman Son,Dae Hyun for 3 years to make her own expression on work.  

Her work began with the Merge Series furniture collection and has since expanded to include paintings,sculptures,and installations. 


Merge Series

Artbit Gallery, Seoul, November 11 - November 16 - 2020

Merge Series

Gallery Dos, Seoul, December 5 - December 18 - 2018


Design Miami/Basel

Messe Basel, Basel,  September 20 - September 26 - 2021​

Color in Matter

Craft on the Hill, Seoul, August 04 - August 21 - 2021

Art in Living

ADM Gallery, Seoul

My Home:moment

Gallery Kabbinet, Seoul


Mint, London, 2019


Rho Fiera, Milan, 2019


Saatchi Gallery, London, 2019 

Pun Project x The Artling 

The Factory, Hongkong, 2019 

Rock Paper Salt Air 

Mint, London, 2018


Rho Fiera, Milan, 2018

Modern Art Show 

Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, 2017